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Ready to Sell?

Are you ready to put your house on the market? Follow these easy steps to have buyers clamoring for showings...

1. Make the Front Door Inviting

  • Paint the Front Door?

  • Buy a New Welcome Mat

  • Flower Pots by Front Door

2. Remove Clutter and Depersonalize

  • Take Down Family Photos

  • Pack Your Sentimental Items Away

3. Organize Closets **SOS Shoutout**

  • Consider Renting a Storage Unit

  • It needs to look like there is PLENTY of storage in the home.

4. Neutral Colors

  • Tone Down Colors and Create a Neutral Space

  • As Move-In-Ready As Possible

5. Eliminate Bad Odors

  • Candles, Air Fresheners, Diffuser

  • Best Universal Smells: Vanilla, Citrus, Cinnamon

  • Do you need to hire professional cleaners?

6. Improve your Landscaping

  • Clean the Exterior

  • Pull Weeds, Add Mulch

  • Plant a few Colorful Flowers to draw attention to a manicured yard

  • Curb Appeal is EVERYTHING!

Following these simple steps above, you should have piles of offers to choose from. Here are a few design tips to incorporate before the Open House:

Design Tips:

Lots of Lighting!

Points of Interest: Add unique elements to draw attention to areas you want buyers to notice: Built-Ins, Mantel, Glass Cabinets

Arrange Knickknacks in odd # groupings: 1,3, or 5

Thank you so much for following along and if you need help to gt your house ready to sell, give me a call!

Kelley K

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