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How do I get started?

Set up a consultation so we can discuss your project. We can walk through the space and I will take notes, photos, and measurements to help us create a plan of action to get you started.

What if my project isn't very big, I only need help adding a few more pieces to pull it all together?

We can discuss what you have and what you need during a consultation. After making a list of what is needed, you have 3 options:

1. I give you a specified list of exactly what I suggest you purchase.

2. I shop locally, bring all of the merchandise to the space, and set it up for you.

3. We can go shopping together during a scheduled meeting time.  

Do I have to buy all new things or can you use what I already have?

No, I can create a whole new look using items that you currently have. I call this type of project a Refresh. If I get to the end of the process and feel like your space would feel more complete with a couple things more, then I can make suggestions on what to get.

Can you make my eclectic style look cohesive?

Yes. I want your space to represent you. Each f my clients is different so each project is different, allowing me to work with many types of styles. If you have a collection of things that you love, but they don't seem to go together, having a designer is beneficial in creating a space that showcases your collection while also coordinating each piece to fit in with your space.

Is it possible to have a design that is both functional AND stylish?

Yes. There are so many options in so many fields that allow me to create a functional space using beautiful pieces.

How long does this process take?

It depends on your budget and your time frame. If you are in a rush, the options may be limited. If you have the span of a year, then we can see more options and use your budget wisely. If you have a small budget, I can create a whole plan and present you with the details needed to finish the project yourself, so that you can complete it at your own pace.

What steps are involved in the whole design process?

1. Consultation
2. Research/ Price Shopping
3. Create Plan/ Project Book
4. Purchasing
5. Delivery
6. Installation
7. Invoicing

Once a budget is decided upon, will there be any surprise costs (like what happens with other contractors)?

No. Prices are given for approval before purchasing. If there is an increase in price, then my client is notified for approval before anything else is purchased. I team up with trusted contractors that provide their prices up front as well.


Have a question of your own?

Contact Kelley here.

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