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Spring CLEARING with Whit's End

First of all, it needs to be re-named spring CLEARING because we don’t just want to clean up clutter and organize the things we don’t want. We want to CLEAR it out! Clutter is physical evidence that a decision has yet to be made. When you get clear on what you LOVE in your home VS what you are neutral or unexcited about, you are elevating the loved “relics” or making space for new things you love-and that it is ok to desire something new!

Spring Storms: Spring clearing can bring up what feels like a storm or tornado of thoughts, frustrations, overwhelm and indecisiveness. Here are some starter tips in the form of mantras that will help you get past some tough decisions.

If it’s not a "f*ck yes", release and bless!

In other words, if you’re not crazy about the item, let it go with an attitude of gratitude. This should feel like an quick and easy decision, but if you're struggling to commit on this step then let us help!

If it’s something useful or adds value and/or productivity in your home, leave it unless of course you just never use it. We can get carried away in this department at times by buying in bulk… but if your family is too busy or too far away from sources of consumable products, chances are storing bulk saves the day for you over and over again. On the other hand, if you only bake once a year, for example, purge the leftover baking supplies and buy them only during the time of year you bake. This frees up room for bulk consumables like paper towels, paper plates, bottled drinks, and toilet paper.

If something has not come in useful in your home in an ENTIRE YEAR, get it out of your house! On the same token, as each holiday passes, purge decorations that you no longer desire to display. Turning hangers backwards in your closet can help show you what you are using and what you aren’t. When you wear the item, turn the hanger back the right way. With a quick glance, this shows you what clothing needs to go. The same can be done with coats and shoes! Put something obvious in each shoe like an Easter egg… after a season or a year, if the egg is still in the pair of shoes, time to donate or sell!

Start going through the most lived-in areas (these areas have things you are currently using and that need an easy-to-access home). This is starting with the easiest area! Gather up items and put them away if you love them. If there isn’t room for something you love, immediately look for something that can go. But wait! Don’t start moving furniture and appliance and décor just yet, to make a home for the loved item, keep swimming (Keep decluttering)!

While you are decluttering, keep “S.O.S.” in mind if you get derailed on a sentimental item. If it’s sentimental: SOS!


Obviously, just pause for a sec and realize you are holding something sentimental and we need to treat that item differently


Take item in hand and physically turn like an oscillating fan to make a separate pile

Set aside:

Place the item in a separate, set-aside pile to go through at the end of your decluttering session or at another time when you are more refreshed and can separately make those tough sentimental decisions.

If you are interested in using Whit's End for your next Spring CLEARING, reach out through Facebook by clicking the link HERE to set up a consultation and get on her schedule!

Written by Whitney Gray of Whit's End March 2023

Kelley Kolettis Designs is thrilled to refer Whitney to many of her clients. She is a great resource if you are moving into a new space and aren't sure where to place your items, of if you've outgrown your existing space and aren't sure where to start organizing to make your rooms functional again. She works with you to create an organized system that is easy to maintain. Once your life feels organized again, KKD can come in and make it pretty. Such a great team! So don't delay, call today to get on their schedules.

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