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Spring Showers!

A shower is where you go to either start your day or end it. It has to be a place you want to go and relax, but it also has to be functional. Most showers provide the same functions, but there are some things that can either help improve that functionality or just the overall aesthetic of the space.

Metal Finishes

There are multiple metal finishes you can pick from for your bathroom. Some of the most common finishes we use here at KKD are matte black, brushed nickel, and brushed gold.

Each finish adds a different look to a space and the finish that you pick ultimately depends on the look that you are going for. You can also mix finishes in the bathroom as long as they are in the same family. Keeping brushed with brushed, shiny with shiny, or keeping the same metal family together is always a good rule of thumb. In the past, we felt obligated to keep the same finish coordinated through the whole house, but today's trends are allowing us to mix our metals more often. So you are free to pick 1-3 finishes to continue throughout the home.

Keep in mind, brushed finished are more forgiving when it comes to fingerprints or just over all dirt. Shiny finishes require a little more attention to keep looking clean and new.

Shower Heads

Like metal finishes, there are a plethora of shower head styles you can choose from. Taking into account the finish and style you want could make picking a shower head a little daunting at times, but there are popular styles that are used depending on the style of shower you currently have or are going for. With the shower style in mind, it can help ease the process of picking a shower head.

Some of the timeless trending showerhead styles that we see are, handheld, rain, and dual.

Each style depends on the flow, style, location in the shower, and just over all personal preference.

Tile Trends

From shape, color, size, and texture, shower tile has the most options to choose from compared to anything else in the shower. Shower tile is where you can personalize your shower the most. While most people gear their tile choices to basic whites, greys and neutrals, 2023 tile trends are breaking that mold.

We are seeing an ode to vintage bathrooms with the bold color tiles and a play on the natural with more earth toned tiles in the shower. Of course blacks, whites and greys will always be trending with the growth of the modern, spa-like look.

Tile shape trends we are seeing here at KKD are staying on the more geometric side. Lots of classic subway tile with the occasional pentagon or hexagon tile.

Shower Door Options

There are multiple shower door styles to choose from. The ones we see the most here at KKD are Frameless Glass doors, shower curtains, and no door options.

Here at KKD, we prefer the look of frameless glass shower doors. Although we like the way shower doors look, we still use many shower curtains if the space calls for it or if it is the clients preference. We are also seeing more no door (or walkthrough) showers in the new builds we have been working on. While the walkthrough LOOKS great, we do hear from clients after installation that they get cold or drafty while in the shower as there is no door to hold in the heat or steam--Great for summer months, but not as desirable in the winter months.

Picking what kind of shower door you would like in your bathroom space depends on your preference as the client but it can also depend on budget. Sometimes a full shower remodel is not in the budget and you may have to keep the existing style door. That is not to say that we can't use other methods to make that style make sense to you as the client and even upgrade what is previously there!

The shower door style depends on the clients preference and the functionality of the bathroom.

All together now!

Individually, all of these things seem like a simple choice. But putting it together can be a little daunting to try and make a cohesive shower space. The majority of the choices are personal preference, but some rely on the function of the bathroom. Regardless on whether you are doing a full shower renovation or just a quick revamp, something as simple as changing the hardware or changing a shower curtain can make the shower look brand new. If you are still feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices, we are more than happy to schedule a consultation and help with all the decisions!

Thank you for visiting our blog today!

Reach out if you're needing to schedule a consultation to discuss your next bathroom renovation. Kelley will be on maternity leave from June to September but we will still have staff in the office to answer any questions or to get you on the schedule for the Fall.

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