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Guests are coming...

We are almost to the end of summer vacation and the holiday season is creeping up on us. You know what the means? Guests are coming.

If you are scrambling to prep your guest room for just one guest (or many), follow these tips to earn your title as best hostess...

Prep the Bed:

Use Layers. Your guest may sleep better under a light blanket or under the weight of a fluffy comforter. Give them those options. Also add extra blankets and pillows to an easily accessible cabinet or closet nearby in case they need more comfort.

Choose Breathable Materials. You don't want your guests to feel too hot and sweaty in their nest. Use bedding made from cotton, bamboo, or linen.

Sleep Under Seasonal Sheets. An optimal threadcount for sheets is between 300-800. You can use cotton sheets in the summer or thermal sheets in the winter.

Prep the Room:

Make Room For Their Stuff. Clear the top drawers on the nightstand, hang a dozen empty hangers in the closet, leave a couple of dresser drawers empty in case your guests want to take their clothes out of their suitcase.

Amenity Basket. Just like in a fancy hotel, leave them a basket of small towels, travel sized toiletries, phone chargers, tissues, and anything else that they may need during their stay that could've been forgotten.

Luggage Rack or Bench. A surface to place their suitcase on.

Blackout Curtains. For guests who are jet-lagged or late-sleepers.

Spare Pillows and Blankets. As mentioned above. Have options available for however they get the best rest.

Reading Materials. Short books or magazines at the ready along with posting the WiFi password in an easy-to-see spot.

Soft Rug and Lamps next to the bed. Make your guests feel more comfortable by giving them a soft surface to step out of bed onto and lamps in case they need a light in the middle of the night to find their way around.

Dirty Clothes Hamper. Have a designated basket or spot for your guests to put their dirty clothes so they don't have to place it back in the suitcase with their clean clothes.

Air Freshener/ Candle. I cannot stress this one enough. You know you've been in situations where you have needed one and didn't want to ask for it. Don't make your guests feel uncomfortable, put a candle or spray in an easy-to-see spot.

Extra Towels/ Extra Toilet Paper/ Plunger. To avoid awkward scenarios, leave these in an obvious place in or around the guest bathroom.

I hope these tips are helpful as your get your house ready for family and friends to be staying over. If you need more than just a little prep before your guests arrive, feel free to reach out. I'm happy to help!

Kelley K

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