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Does Coronavirus have you cooped up?

I don't know if you've heard, but there's a virus going around. (Have you been living under a rock?! It's all anyone can talk about.) I've seen so many businesses creating new programs and protocols to accommodate their customers in these days of possible pandemic. So even though you may be cooped up in your house, staring at your rooms that desperately need an update, I can still offer my services...from a safe distance.

With my DIY Designer program, we can do a FaceTime Consultation and I can create a whole project book with plans for the space, links to the furniture and accessories to purchase, and a color board with the color scheme and inspiration photos with TONS of notes on how to create the space you want, using the tools I have provided, within the safety of your own home. Everything can be ordered online to be delivered straight to your home or for curbside pick-up at your convenience.

If you're interested in just the consultation, let's schedule a phone call or video chat. I can see the space, give you advice on where to move the pieces you have and offer suggestions of where to find the perfect something to fill that empty spot. You may have weeks that you're stuck at home so let's make the best of it and create a positive result out of a negative situation.

Stay safe out there, folks. WASH YOUR HANDS!

Kelley K

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