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Stressed about your upcoming move? Let me handle it.

I had a client recently, who had moved into her new home 5 months ago and is only JUST NOW getting around to hanging art and getting settled into each room. For over 150 days, she came home from a busy day of work to walk through a maze of boxes in her garage to get to the door, fed her family take-out dinners for weeks because the kitchen wasn’t completely unpacked, and had a panic-goal to open 1-2 boxes per day before bed hoping to EVENTUALLY get to it all. That made my chest fill with anxiety just hearing about it, because it didn't have to be that way. She could've saved so much time and effort ( and saved her sanity as well) if she had only called sooner.

Wouldn’t it be nice to close on your new house and, within a few days, come home from work to a house that is ready to be lived in? You could even go on a short vacation and come back to a new house that is complete and ready to go. Doesn’t that sound magical?! Let me help—I know people that will make this dream a reality and we will take all of the stress and worry out of your upcoming move.

I work with other women-owned businesses to make this magic happen. (Before you get started, if you're looking for an amazing realtor in central Arkansas, check out Jonie Burks with The Charlotte John Company.) I work with Leslie at Errand Runners of Arkansas for soooo many things, plus she is a huge help with moving. I love sharing projects with Whitney at Whit's End to get everything organized and make it easily accessible. Below is a breakdown of how we can help, before & after the move:

Before the Move - Let me stage your home to prep your house for an open house or for realty photos to make sure your house looks it's best for potential buyers.

After the Move - Home styling at the new house to turn your house into a home. Can also coordinate to have walls painted and spaces deep-cleaned before everything is unpacked. Interiors and exteriors will be ready to entertain guests and show off your new digs!

Before the Move - Work on organizing your spaces before the home is listed to prep for an Open House, making the storage spaces seem larger and easy for potential buyers to keep organized. Organized spaces also make it MUCH easier to pack.

After the Move - Organization to make most of new spaces for most efficiency: Closets, Pantry, Medicine Cabinet, Laundry Room, Home Office, Garage, Kitchen, etc.

Before the Move – Pack, Label, and Transport your whole house. They also offer Real Estate witness closings for buyers and sellers, as they can come to your location for signatures.

After the Move – Unload your furniture, place boxes in new spaces, and unpack. Run your errands: Stock your fridge and pantry, Pick up/ drop off your dry cleaning or laundry for fold-service, wait for the utility companies in-person for new connections and cable hook-ups,

We can take care of all of the hassles that go into moving your whole life from one spot to another. So, if you're worried about taking time off from work to make the move, finding boxes to pack with, or overwhelmed with finding the perfect spots to put your things in the new place, give me a call to set up a consultation and to get pricing for your project.

Have a great week!

-Kelley K

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