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Clarity Call

Hello All-- I hope this post finds you well! This morning, I had a clarity call with Classie Ehrhard and she asked me WHY I do what I do. It's not a question that I'd ever been asked. Maybe a "What do you do?" or "How'd you get into interior design?", but never "why?"

After much soul searching, it came down to the value that I find in what I do. I feel compelled to make an impact in people's lives through my designs. I want to create a calming, beautiful space for friends and families to congregate, make connections, and make memories in. I want to find ways to customize each project so that it reflects the love and passions of the families who LIVE there.

I moved a lot growing up. Each new house was made into a home by adding layers of love into each room. Those were layers of wallpapers, curtains, lamps, art, bedding, throw pillows, rugs, and accessories that felt personal to us. No matter where we were, we were home. I want to create that home for my clients.

My "why"... is to create a warm and inviting home for families to grow and thrive in. I want to design your media room that will see hours of game nights. I want to create the perfect dining room to seat your 10-person dinner parties. I want to give you the master bedroom of your designer dreams. The way a room looks and feels can impact how you spend your time in it. I want to help you to get the most out of your home with the people you love.

So, if you feel like your family is pretty cool but your house isn't quite up to par, then it's time for an update. Let's set up a consultation to see what you have to work with and create a plan of action from there. Let me take the stress of the project while you live your life!

Happy Leap Year!

Kelley K

Check out how amazing Classie is by going to her website:

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