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Lights on lights on lights

Lighting is everything. It is needed in EVERY room of the house, so you can't skimp on bringing in the layers of lighting if you're trying to create a welcoming and cohesive space. At home and in the office, proper light layering – ambient, task and accent lighting – helps to bring a room to life.

If you use multiple light sources, this allows for a smooth transition for your home throughout the day. From a brighter room used to work in the daytime to a sophisticated space for entertaining at night, or keeping the lights low when watching your favorite movies. I'm going to discuss all lighting to help you create a visually and functionally balanced room.

Ambient Light is used for general Illumination:

-Windows (natural light)

-Flush Mount (ceiling lights)



-Wall Sconce

Task Lighting is bright illuminations required for a specific task:



-Undercabinet Lighting

Accent Lights should be 3x brighter than ambient lights:

-Wall Sconce

-Picture Lights


-Track Lighting

Your choice of light bulbs can drastically affect the outcome of your light layering. Start by selecting bulbs with your preference of cool (4000K or higher) or warm (2700-3000K) color temperatures. Daytime bulbs can make the room feel brighter while warm white bulbs can make a room feel warmer (but also slightly dimmer).

If you are needing to update your existing lighting or you are building a new house that has no lights picked out yet, give me a call and we can shop at some of our local lighting companies and choose your whole lighting scheme all in one appointment. I have partnered with an amazing electrician and lighting specialist here in Little Rock, and we would love to come out to your home to discuss your ideas and suggest any lighting solutions you may need. Message me for details.

I hope this post was enlightening.

Kelley Kolettis

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