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How To: Update Your Entry Table

Hello, everyone! I can't believe that tomorrow is the 1st of April. This year is flying by just in time for the quarantines to set in for COVID-19. After being cooped up for a bit, you may be itching for a small project to feel productive (and possibly lift your spirits). I hope this tutorial helps to guide you through the process of styling your own entry table.

After walking through the front door, your guests get a quick first impression of your home within their first few steps. Is it light and airy, or cluttered and disorienting? Styling your entry table can create a warm welcome to a happy home. Follow these steps below to update your entry table yourself.

Art. Hang a piece of art that fills the space and makes a statement. Whether it be something colorful to greet your guests, or something neutral that calms the mind, it needs to be the appropriate size compared to the case piece under it. If the space is small or dark, use a mirror to reflect more light into the dark corners. with a mirror, you can get creative with the frame to give it more personality.

Lighting. Is there a plug-in nearby? If so, bring in a lamp or two! Adding extra lighting to any space immediately makes it feel more home-y. The layers of light allow more versatility as the day goes on, as you may or may not need more light. You don't want your guests to feel as if they are walking into a dark cave, a lamp will light up any dark corners and make your guests feel safe and welcome.

Storage. Do you need a spot to put everyone's gloves, sunglasses, or scarves? It's both convenient and space-saving to have some storage by the front door. It's best to keep it all out of the way and off surfaces to keep your table-top from getting cluttered. If your case piece doesn't have storage, consider large baskets, a storage bench, or wall hooks.

Landing Spot. Do walk in and immediately toss your keys? Designate a spot for these things to go so the remaining space can be left open. Find a bowl, tray, or unique object that can hold a pocket's worth of junk: antique scale, candy dish, silver gravy boat, etc.

Varying Heights, Materials, and Textures. As you collect things to place on top of your entry table, find items that have varying heights. You do not want everything to be the same height all the way across. If you have two things that are the same height, place one on each end of the table. Bring in objects that are made of different materials with different textures: greenery, wooden, metal, woven, shiny, glass, old, new, etc.

It may take a few tries to get it the way that you like it. If you get stumped or need some guidance to get you back on track, please reach out. I'm always happy to help if you need to send a quick photo or FaceTime to see what you're working with. During this quarantine, I imagine I will have more time to spend in my home office, so by all means... PLEASE ASK FOR ANYTHING.

Stay Safe everyone!

Kelley K

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