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How to shop for new accessories

Follow these steps to purchase new accessories, style your surfaces, and update your space with a DIY designer's touch.

Accessories! Accessories! Accessories!

Your room is feeling a little stale so it's time for an upgrade. Maybe getting all new furniture, flooring, and wall paint is out of the budget--but a few new accessories will allow you to change your color palette, update your look, and create a new feel in your old space. Decide what you want your new color scheme to be: earth tones, neutrals, pops of color, etc. , then remove any old items that do not support this new look.

Step #1 - Shop Around!

Whether it be in-store or online, take a look around your favorite stores or on your favorite designers social media pages. You may find inspiration that is out of you scope, but find dupes elsewhere at a lower price. Sometimes it is easier to purchase multiple things that you like with no idea where they will go, then have the flexibility to return whatever items do not get used.

And YES, you can even shop from your home. Pull items from other rooms that will coordinate with your new color scheme. This works well with family heirlooms or keepsakes that you would like to display year-round.

Make sure you are shopping from multiple stores. You do not want your space to look like you bought the whole new Fall collection from the Target home section. I make it a rule to source from at least 3 vendors, but more is better.

Step #2 - Mix it up!

Mix up your materials: fabric, metal, wood, glass.

Mix up your textures: linen, leather, mirrored, glossy, matted, woven, etc.

Mix up your sizes: flat, short, tall, round, rectangular.

"A room should feel collected, not decorated" - Albert Hadley

Step #3 - Customize by making it personal

Find items that are personal to you. You don't want your space to feel bland or generic like the hotel room. Your space should reflect who you are and what you are passionate about. Find items that can display your favorite vacations, family memories, or favorite colors.

Step #4 - Set it up

If you have built-ins, remove everything from all of the shelves and start with a clean slate. Clear of your surfaces of end tables, coffee tables, pianos, etc. so that every area gets a refresh. Place items in groupings that mix their heights, shapes, and textures into groupings of 3-5. Use large books to add layers. Start with your favorite pieces and work around them by adding more neutral items to make your piece stand out more.

Step #5 - Final Edits

Take a step back and admire everything you've accomplished. If something still feels cluttered or to busy, make a few edits. Remove items that no longer serve you or no longer coordinate with your new vibe.

New and refreshed space. Who dis?

Following along with these steps will help get you started in the right direction if you're looking to upgrade your old rooms into new spaces without a complete overhaul. If you still feel overwhelmed, feel free to reach out and set up a consultation so we can walk through the process together. I am always happy to help. -KK

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