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Choosing Your Color Scheme

When creating a whole new design for your space, you need to start with choosing your Color Scheme (aka color palette, color story). Follow these 3 simple steps to narrow down what colors you want to use and where you want to use them.

This can be a neutral color if you're looking to keep your design simple and for the space to feel open. Decide if you want the space to have more of a modern feel (with whites, grays, or even black) or more of a traditional feel (with golds, browns and creams). Your pops of color can come from accessories and art.

See definitions and examples of each combination by swiping below...

Here is a simple design trick that will help you decide what colors will be used for specific paints, fabrics, and accessories. This formula is easily implemented once you have chosen your top 3 colors that you want to incorporate.

Do you still need inspiration? The best color combinations come from nature! There are endless combinations that can be found right outside your door. If you need help deciding what direction to go, feel free to book a consultation and I will take the stress out of your project. Message me now for details.

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