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AirBnB Project

One of my latest projects was bringing life to a newly constructed AirBnb apartment. This space was installed over my client's garage with a beautiful new kitchen and bathroom, gray walls, and modern features. This rental needed to be minimal, easy to clean, but still feel like a home-away-from-home for AirBnB customers.

The existing green, velvet sleeper-sofa was one of the only pieces remaining in the living room so that's what we coordinated our whole design around. The rug we chose, allows flexibility in colors if a new sofa is needed in the future, with multiple shades of green, blue, and gray.

The art I chose for this space was one of my favorite parts of the project. Because this space was catered to visitors, I chose different prints showcasing Little Rock and the surrounding areas. A few prints were purchased through Etsy while a couple were photos from local landmarks. All were printed and framed in a cluster over the sofa to give guests a small view of the beauty and history that Little Rock has to offer.

In the bedroom, the king-sized bed needed layers of bedding to create a more luxurious feel for out-of-town-guests. Larger lamps and new art created a warm and inviting glow for this room that felt so bare before. Added Euros and an extra quilt, gave this bed a more comfortable feel.

In a client's personal space, I would've added more accessories and personal touches. But, this space didn't get the normal designer treatment since it's going to be rented out to different strangers every other week. Even with those challenges, the space turned out lively and welcoming.

If you have a space similar to this that you need help with, let's chat! I'm happy to work with big or small projects with any size budget.

Have a colorful weekend, everyone!

Kelley K

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