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A new service for my online shoppers... The DIY Designer package!

Happy day to you! I've been toying with an idea of offering a new service to clients that are trying to stick to a very limited budget. After meeting with a few of my current clients and discussing how we could cut costs to get them the space they deserved without spending a fortune, I have finally created a new service for my bargain-hunting, online shoppers. The DIY Designer package allows you to do all of the shopping with a very specific shopping list to keep you under a specific budget.

Here's how to get started: Book a consultation. During this appointment, we will walk around each room, discuss your ideas, your hopes for the space, and where you want your budget to be focused. Not sure what your budget is? No worries--I can help you figure out how your money will go the furthest and give you multiple options in different price ranges. While I'm there, I take measurements of each room we are working on, take photos for reference, and make lists for each room.

After this consultation, I get to work on your project book. This book contains paint colors, inspiration photos, and each room gets its own section. Each room will be provided with a list of what is needed, estimates of what it will cost to complete this room, and examples all of the components needed to finish the space: wall color, rug, drapes, art, accessories, lighting, furniture, etc. When you are ready to start on this room, you will have everything you need to finish it on your own, at your own pace, and on your own budget. This allows you to wait for sales, search for coupons, and look for similar pieces at lower costs while still getting a custom, designer look. The project book, on average, costs around $200 per room whereas a project book of the whole home may cost around $800+. This service is charged by the hour.

This type of service is offered online on multiple sites. But they aren't personal, they aren't going to come to your home, meet you in person, see how your family actually functions in your home, while also adding personal touches to your design that make your house feel like home. Designing your home SHOULD feel personal. This is your safe space. This is your nest. This is where memories are made on a daily basis. Don't let an online stranger design the space for these memories. Call now to set up your consultation today and we can get started before we move into the next season.

Once you have everything purchased and delivered, if you still need help placing it, I am more than happy to come back over and hang your art, place your accessories, and fluff your rooms with your new merchandise. This process saves your budget by not having to pay a designer to find everything, purchase everything, and bring it all over to your house within a shorter time frame.

I offer a full-service, stress-free option as well. If you want the luxury of someone else making all of the difficult decisions, doing all of the leg-work, and creating a whole new space before you get home from work, then this budget-friendly option isn't for you. This DIY Designer package is for someone with a small budget and great style, but needs direction in creating the perfect space for themselves.

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